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In the global markets, we see the emergence of new brands every day, which enter the global competition to maintain their brand and its growth. But statistics show that about 50 percent of them are doomed to failure in the first five years, which means after this five-year period 50 percent of that remains. Your business prospects depend only on your attitude towards your business and your performance.

But why are 50% of start-ups doomed to failure?

Of course, many businesses stop or fail due to a variety of reasons, some of which we have mentioned here.

1- Poor marketing

Remember the days when you wanted to book a class or event, make an appointment at the doctor’s office and order your favorite food, and you had to stay behind the line for hours, and what a bad memory it would be if you missed your favorite class for that reason. Or if you easily have to spend an afternoon in suspense to book your favorite doctor.

But what are the benefits of online booking for you?
A class booking system allows even a student to easily book a class without having to worry. But this is not the only job…

When you are on social media as an influencer, small business, or educator, although social media is very powerful in showing your information and content to other people. But you only have 24 hours a day — so how do you give each of your social media accounts the time they need?

Professional profiles will help you in such cases. Because you can easily put all the links of your social profiles on one page and increase the ranking of your profile in search engines.
but how? …

Have faith in this when you, as a coach, committed engage yourself in business, your audience will be attracted to your events from anywhere in the world who follow you on social media. Online training is one of the effective ways to introduce your training and events that you can easily provide to your audience.
But the important thing is to motivate your audience to the booking methods of these events.
Have you ever wondered what the benefits of online booking are for you as a coach?

Online booking is one of the most important issues for a small business…

Now, most people use state-of-the-art technology in their life. They try to save their time in different ways, among them online business is the most highlighted one. But absorbing customers by building trust has turned into an intellectual preoccupation for owners’ business. Therefore, they search for ways to build trust and absorb more customers in the competitive world. It is hard for most consumers to trust online business and they encounter more uncertainty since some main reasons elaborated as follows.

1-Some companies destroy trust with low-quality products. So customers rarely trust to buy from online shopping because they can’t physically…

More selling your business product with six strategy

Online sales are more popular today than ever before, and in recent years, due to the coronavirus epidemic, it has found its place in modern life. Online sales have other advantages because the customer no longer needs to be on the crowded streets when choosing a product on their personal smart device. Another advantage is the wide range of products that today, even if you are in another country, you can get the products of your brands in other countries, and this is amazing.
But small businesses that have just entered the job…

Today, the use of Instagram has gone beyond using only as a display and save of your personal photos and products, and I must say that if you are active in introducing your products and business on Instagram, Instagram can be a powerful tool for growing your business.
With billions of people working on Instagram, it will create a platform where you can drive a return on your investment by promoting your business and increasing communication with your audience.
But raising your engagement page is not just about engaging your audience. For this, you need real communication including comments, sharing, saving…

Starting a personal business has always been one of the most challenging topics in the world today. But have you ever considered that the survival of a business is more important than the start-up? Do you have a plan for the survival of your business?
Maintaining a business while the key to your success is just as difficult nowadays. Today, given the conditions of the global economy and the epidemic of the Coronavirus, keeping a small business activity is also a difficult task and it is not possible without a strategy and goal. Few sources have talked about the survival of…

Customer relationship management is one of the most important and fundamental ways for your business to survive, which can help retain customers and attract more customers.
Nowadays, customer relationship management has been studied and interacted more than before. Now let me tell you what is customer relationship management?
Customer relationship management is about providing services to them, following up and supporting services in order to maintain a relationship with them, and also hearing the voice of the customer’s pain.

Improve your customer relationship
Communication effectiveness is not defined by communication, but by response — Milton Erickson.

Good communication skills are…

With the current global economic record and current financial issues, it is important for businesses to find new ways to keep their business afloat and differentiate themselves from competitors and increase brand awareness among their audiences. There are several ways to do this, and one of the best ways to increase brand awareness is through charitable financial support.

When you enter the job market as a start-up, have you ever wondered how good it would be if our audience encouraged us to keep working to improve production and quality? There was a way for them to tell us that we…


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